Jason Huang

Executive Director of Nanoseed

Jason is a senior at the Harker School in San Jose, California. As the executive director of the nonprofit organization Nanoseed, he oversaw the pivot of the organization away from agricultural loans to low-interests student and business loans, expanding the organization into a centralized company with 16 school branches and 400 volunteers that travel back to China 4 times a year, concluding mergers and obtaining several sponsorships to aid the transition. He also holds other leadership positions, including being the captain of the debate team and the CEO of soUle Shoes, the winner of 2018 Wharton LEAD.


Suraj Pakala

Deputy Executive Director, School Branches

Suraj is a senior at The Harker School in San Jose, CA. As the deputy executive director of school branches, he oversees student branch operations and tracks project timelines to ensure excellence. Additionally, he acts as the liaison between the branches and the executive leadership team. He also enjoys running track and is involved in his own social project, Rythu–a system to inform Indian agriculturalists of market prices. In his free time, Suraj enjoys exploring the country and spending time with his family.

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Howard Xuan

Deputy Executive Director, Loans and Scholarships

Howard is a senior at Sage Hill High School in Newport Beach, California. Howard’s involvement with the poverty alleviation project in Ningxia began as a rising eighth grader, and since then he has gotten more and more familiar with conditions in the village and the process of microloan. During his third trip to Ningxia, Howard became the field leader for the Sprout Potential project to provide student loans and scholarships to impoverished students in the village. That project later merged with Nanoseed and became one of its major branches, expanding to include more members and have more funding, allowing us to help more students in the village. Howard is now in charge of Nanoseed’s summer trips, and implementing the loans and scholarships.


Dyllan Liu

Director, EFA

Dyllan is a senior at Northwood High School in Irvine, California. After witnessing the poverty and lack of opportunities in Ningxia, China, he joined Nanoseed in the summer of 2017. As the Director of EFA, Dyllan manages a program that provides disadvantaged children in rural China with English classes taught by Nanoseed volunteers through the online platform Zoom. He is also greatly involved with the field of politics, being the founder of TOC Youth - an organization to unify groups of teenagers to make an impact in the political world.


Jay Menon

Director, Finances

Jay was born and raised in Silicon Valley and is currently a senior at The Harker School and the Director of Finances for the Nanoseed Organization. As a member of Nanoseed, he has handled financial transactions of Nanoseed and worked to register the nonprofit with government organizations. Furthermore, Jay also has experience handling branch leadership and fundraising for the Harker chapter. In addition to working at Nanoseed, Jay is a captain of Speech & Debate and Marketing Director for Harker BEcon. In his free time, Jay enjoys listening to music (specifically electronic music) and eating tacos (with buffalo sauce).


Linda Zhang

Director, Marketing

Linda was born in Harbin, China. She is currently a junior in the Robert Louis Stevenson School, Pebble Beach, California. After attending a trip to Ningxia, she started a Nanoseed branch in 2017 at her school in order to not only help the organization expand, but to also offer students a way to give back to the community through volunteering. As the Director of marketing, she manages Nanoseed’s social media presence, online fundraising, and coordinates branch fundraising.


Michael Wang

Director, Fundraising

Michael (Ziyi) Wang was born in Zhengzhou, China. He is currently a senior at the King’s Academy in Sunnyvale, California. He joined Nanoseed in the summer of 2015. As the Director of fundraising of the nonprofit organization Nanoseed, he hosts events for the overall organization, and also advises and oversees the fundraisers of Nanoseed’s branches so that the we can expand our operations and help more people.