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If you would like to help us out, you can volunteer at your Nanoseed school branch. 

Check here to see if your school already has a Nanoseed Branch. There, you will find the contact info for the branch and their leaders.


If your school does not yet have a branch, you can start one yourself. 

A Nanoseed branch recruit members from the school its based at to fundraise, volunteer monthly at local organizations, and complete projects that help expand or benefit the organization.

This is a great opportunity for high schoolers to gain leadership experience: learn how to interact with friends and peers in a professional setting, how to set up project timelines and deliver within deadlines, create financial projections, plan businesses, and market fundraising events. 

Branch leadership requires commitment, enterprise, and hard work, but it will pay off in the end! 


For more information, read the detailed primer below on the expectations and requirements of starting a school branch.


If you're interested, contact us below. We will respond within 5 business days.

Name *
Why do you want to start a Nanoseed branch? What skills do you bring to the organization? (400 word limit)
What makes you a strong leader? How would you manage your branch? (400-word limit)
What are your other extracurricular activities? How much time do you envision spending on setting up and running a Nanoseed school branch? (400-word limit)
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Interview Date
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Please provide the time you are available for the date listed above. Expect interviews of around 30 minutes. If the date or time does not work for our interviewers, they will reach out to reschedule.