Privacy policy

Please read the Nanoseed Privacy Policy listed below. 

Protection and Security

Nanoseed takes security very seriously. Any purchases or donations made on the Nanoseed Store are secured by Squarespace payments. All private information including names, addresses, and personal statements are visible only to Nanoseed moderators. Monetary information such as credit cars numbers are invisible to everyone except the payment processing software. Nanoseed cannot guarantee 100% security of the data and is not responsible for any data breach or hack.

Information Gathering and distributing

Unless otherwise marked, Nanoseed will not distribute any personal or private information entered on the website. However, Nanoseed reserves the right to publish statistics, trends, and reports based on entered information. Nanoseed also reserves the right to publish any photographs taken during public and private events, although personal information will not be disclosed. In specific circumstances, persons will be notified that certain information and intellectual property may be disclosed. Nanoseed will not disclose any information if a request for privacy is made.

Any information which Nanoseed may publish, including but not limited to testimonials, accolades, or letters of appreciation, will be credited with the name of the original author and the date of composition. Persons will be notified beforehand whether their information or intellectual property will be disclosed. Once again, persons can request that their information not be disclosed.

Nanoseed will never sell phone numbers, email addresses, or other contact information to third party businesses or individuals.