Nanoseed Sponsors


Sponsors of Nanoseed not only help provide funding for the organization every year, but also offer guidance and other help to better our operations.


Yan Bao Foundation


Contact Information:

Located in Yinchuan, China

Email -

Phone - 18295177519

The Yan Bao Foundation, funded by the Baofeng Energy Group, is China's second largest non-profit. They grant over two hundred million every year for student scholarships, covering 26,000 students’ education. Beyond providing us yearly funding, they also serve an advisory role to help us grow responsibly and steadily. 


BlackBird Media


Contact Information:

Located in Queens, New York

Website -

Email -

Blackbird Media is a social media marketing and brand growth specialist that uses targeted interactions and viral hits to grow influencers it manages. With dozens of clients ranging from midsize 50,000 follower to large multi-million follower accounts, Blackbird provides Nanoseed with first-rate social media advice and also grants significant funding.


Black Bird Media