Our Trips


Nanoseed Operations are Divided into Two Different Periods: Operation Season and Trip Season

Trip season covers our travels to China. Every year, we provide Nanoseed members with four opportunities to embark on trips to Ningxia, China: three in the summer (July, June, and August), and one in the winter. Our command center in Ningxia is located in Tongxin county, one of the fourteen designated poverty areas of China. 

There, many people struggle to get food to eat and a roof over their heads. For families attempting to break out of the cycle of poverty, many times they take out high-interest loans from loan sharks to fund businesses or education opportunities - because they lack collateral, most traditional lending organizations refuse to provide them with loans.

Our low interest loans therefore offer them a low risk opportunity to achieve prosperity. On our trips to China, however, we not only give out student and business loans, but also undertake humanitarian activities: aiding them in harvesting crops, supporting them in constructing greenhouses, and providing lessons from bookkeeping to art. 


Trip Format

Trips are two weeks long, with the first 2 days in Beijing to plan operations, the next 10 days spent in Tongxin, Ningxia implementing projects, and the last two days back in Beijing giving a final presentation and analysis of results. 

On trips, the student body is divided into smaller groups of 6-8 people each, led by a group leader. These leaders report to the Nanoseed executive team during trips, and are usually recruited from school branch leaders. Each smaller group additionally has an adult advisor as well, whose job is to maintain safety and mediate conflicts, while giving students the full control over their planning and work. 

If you are interested in going on our trips, please use the subject line: Nanoseed Trips



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