How We Operate



Nanoseed Operations are Divided into Two Different Periods: Operation Season and Trip Season


Operation season covers the school year. During that time, out school branches focus upon completing projects that help the organization expand, have monthly volunteer outings to help local organizations, and also fundraise for our trip season when we go to China to interview and implement our loans. To learn more about our branch system, click here



Nanoseed is led by an executive team that determines the overall direction of the organization, coordinates communication between branches, and breaks down the school year into two week sprints. For each "sprint," the team sets goals for the organization to complete within the two week time period, and assign tasks to different branches depending upon their availability and expertise. 

Under the executive team, each school branch has its own branch president, vice president, and secretary that are in charge of delivering projects on time, monitoring that each member is meeting the monthly volunteer requirement, and of planning fundraisers. 

Each branch also pursues its own projects, from performing musical events at retirement centers at retirement centers in Los Angeles, to teaching coding lessons to disadvantaged low-income school children in Toronto, Canada. To see our current branches, click here

Branch leaders are often chosen to be group leaders during our trip season, when we go to China to implement our projects and loans. There is, however, no requirement for branch officers to go on trips, and some of our best leaders concentrate on tasks here in the states. 



Nanoseed has three sources of income. Money raised by school branches, large grants given by sponsors, and also interest from loans given. Since our interests are meant to cover inflation, we depend upon donors to help us expand our operations so that we can help more people every year. Since our loans are given out for a year, and subject to renewal, your money can aid a family every single year. Consider donating here, 100% of the proceeds from our website goes towards student and business loans to the low-income or disadvantaged minorities.  



Nanoseed provides two types of low-interest loans: business loans and student loans. Our business loans average an interest of 5%, with interest rates negotiated on a case by case basis determining upon the principal amount and financial history of entrepreneurs. Our student loans are charged at a 2% interest rate, with the interest not meant to generate profit, but to cover the inflation rate currently at 1.9%. 

Because we have two rounds of in-person interviews, we do not factor into account collateral like other lending organizations operating in the region, and thus provide the lowest interest rate in the county. Through our guaranteer system, where each borrower must contact three other families that will sign to cover the loan if the initial borrower cannot pay, we have experienced zero defaults. 

All of our financial activities are reviewed by CPA accountants provided by our board of directors.